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Important Information

Submitted by lacee.stoneman on Fri, 03/13/2020 - 21:18
Mrs. Hughes

 As you have likely heard, today the governor's office dismissed school for the next two weeks, beginning on Monday, March 16th. This is a big change from the press conference and direction we were given just yesterday. This is a dynamic, constantly evolving situation that we are navigating the best we can. This letter is intended to answer some of your immediate questions. I will be sending out more detailed information Tuesday afternoon when we have had a chance to put the specifics together.

 The tentative plan will be that teachers will need Monday and Tuesday to prepare At Home Learning opportunities for your students. This will include a combination of online learning, use of computer programs such as iReady and physical work packets that will require pickup at a set date and time. 

 We are still working out options for breakfast and lunch. I will have detailed information for everyone as mentioned above on Tuesday afternoon. For Monday and Tuesday breakfast will be served from 8-9 AM and lunch from 11-12 PM.  The meals will be served in a “grab and go” style to be eaten at home. The child will be charged for the meal just as they would on a regular day. Those on free or reduced lunch will continue to receive that service as normal. Students can pick up their meals at school and take them back home to eat. The school lunchroom will NOT be open. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING. This situation is unprecedented and will require flexibility from all of us. However, I want to reassure our school community that an army of committed teachers, technicians and support staff will begin Monday morning to figure this all out. WE'VE GOT THIS! We love your kids and want to keep everyone safe and healthy through this crisis.


Mrs. Hughes