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1st Day of School

Submitted by ryan.kay on Tue, 08/22/2017 - 10:54
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1st Grade - Mrs. Bird
1st Grade - Mrs. Hoffman
1st Grade - Mrs. Hunt
1st Grade - Ms. Marshall
2nd Grade - Mrs. James
2nd Grade - Mrs. McAllister
2nd Grade - Mrs. Taylor
3rd Grade - Ms. Dunn
3rd Grade - Mrs. Jones
3rd Grade - Ms. Poulson
4th Grade - Mrs. Cox
4th Grade - Mrs. Perschon
5th Grade - Mr. Prince
5th Grade - Ms. Webster
6th Grade - Mr. James
6th Grade - Mrs. Porter
Park Elementary Staff
Nebo Hero!

Shiny shoes and new backpacks filled the halls as Park Elementary welcomed students back to school!  We couldn't help but share pictures of our good looking leaders!  Scroll through all of them to find your class.

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